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Fearless Pet Spa Services

All services are all-inclusive including blueberry facial, enzymatic breath spray, nail trim & file, shampoo & conditioner, blow-out, brush out, style of choice, and accessory. We do not include anal gland expression as this is recommended to be preformed by your vet. Each service is tailored to each individual pet & pet owners needs while being completed in our climate controlled mobile grooming unit. Our products are chosen with with your pets safety and quality in mind so each one is made in the US, certified organic, cruelty free, gluten & wheat free, paraben free, and contain only high quality natural ingredients with hypoallergenic options available. All fees are a quote based on tangle & excess undercoat free coats on a 4 week grooming schedule. Pet parents desiring longer time between grooms will incur higher fees as these pets will require more maintenance at the time of service. All pets with matting and excess undercoat will be subject to de-matting and de-shedding fees. Please see our detailed service agreement prior to

booking appointments and contact us with any questions or concerns. 

Dog Grooming

Specialty Dog Grooming

Doodles(Any Variety) -

Small - $135+

Medium - $170+

Large - $220+

XL - $270+

AKC Breed Specific Haircut - 

Small $125+

Medium $160+

Large $210+

XL $260+

Cat Grooming

Cat Bath (Short Hair) $100+

Cat Bath (Long Hair) $150+ 

Cat Haircut $200+

Nail Cap Application $60

Spa Enhancements

Paw-dazzle accessory - choose an area to add removable bling. $5

Feather or glitter extension $5

Upgraded bow or necktie $10

Splash of Temporary color $15

Medicated Soak(Vet Authorization Required) $20+

Pawlish $40

De-matting $50+(Based on Severity)

De-shed $50+(Based on Severity)

Flea & Tick Fee $80 

Creative Groom - Based on style and availability 


Short Coated Dogs Bath Spa -

Small Dog $90+

Medium Dog $130+

Large Dog $150+

XL Dog $200+

Long Coated Dogs

Haircut & Deshedding Spa - 

Small Dog $115+

Medium Dog $150+

Large Dog $200+

XL Dog $250+

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