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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

We understand that your pets are like family, and it’s our top priority to make you feel comfortable with the care we provide them. To make sure all your questions are answered, we’ve included our FAQs below. If you have a question we have not answered below please feel free to contact us!

Trimming the Fur

What does it mean to be
"fear free" ?

Fear free grooming is a method used aimed to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets in all aspects of the grooming process. By completing the Fear Free Certification we are trained in noticing subtle signs of stress in the pet and are equipped to help them. We do this by creating a stress free spa experience from the moment they enter, throughout the groom, and until they leave. This includes how we planned our shop layout, the sights and sounds, smells, entrance and exit routines, and much more. We understand that each pet is unique and each spa experience will be tailored to their unique emotional and physical needs. 

Cat Grooming

What is included in my pets spa day?

Each spa day experience is all inclusive and tailored to your pets unique needs. Each pet is given one on one time, a wide range of professional grade products, and lots of love. Blueberry facial, breath spray, nail trim & file, ear cleaning, shampoo & conditioner, and style of your choice is always included. If you have any specific needs not specified here you're more than welcome to contact us

Enjoying the Brush

Why are mobile prices higher than shop prices? 

Mobile grooming is a luxury service offering you the convenience of not having to leave your home. Your pets are the only pets receiving services at your scheduled appointment time thus providing an exclusive one on one experience. We bring everything your pet needs for their spa day right to your home. Whereas the traditional salon experience is not always all-inclusive, will have other pets therefore not providing one on one experience, and requires the time and energy of drop off/pick up.  We understand mobile services are not for everyone and this is why we are upfront with our base fee structure as they are more than the traditional salon experience. 

Animal Kingdom

How often should my pet be groomed? 

We recommended pets be kept on a 4, 6, or 8 week schedule based on their behavior and coat type. Due to the nature of mobile grooming it may be difficult to obtain an appointment time without pre-booking appointments and maintaining a set schedule. 

We believe in "Humanity before Vanity" so all pets haircuts will be discussed to accommodate their pet parents schedule needs. For example if you would like 2+ inches of hair left on your drop coated or curly coated dog we will recommend no more than 4 weeks between appointments. If you would like to have 8 weeks or longer in between appointments a shorter cut is going to be most suitable. 

Pet The Bunny

Do you service small animals such as Rabbits?

We provide basis services to pet rabbits. Rabbits require regular grooming maintenance just like dogs and cats.

Alyssa is certified in rabbit grooming by the World Pet Association.

Peeping Dog

What if my pet is matted?

Our main priority is the comfort and care of the pets. All severely matted pets will be shaved down using a safe blade length. Please see our service agreement for further details on our matted pet policies. 

Having a Bath

What is required to book an appointment?

To book an appointment complete an intake form and select a preferred appointment day and time. You may also give us a call or text as well. We require proof of Rabies vaccine administered by their veterinarian. You may upload the paperwork to your intake form or email it to us separately. Please be transparent and disclose any health or behavioral concerns you may have about your pet so we can complete the services to the best of our ability with the information provided. 

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